Wednesday, 31 March 2010

EVALUATION Question 4.

During this project I used a number of new media technology which expanded my knowledge and also helped me greatly.

For instance, Youtube was a massive asset at the beginning of the project when I was able to look at a wide variety of videos in order to decide what feel and style I wanted my video to have, I looked at videos from a range of artists from Blur to At The Drive-In. Something else which was essiental on helping me decide what sort of artists I wanted to use was Glogster, here I was able to make my tastes appear on screen as a sort of visual memo on the bands I wanted my band to be influenced from.

When it came to creating my poster and digi-pack I was extremely grateful to have access to Photoshop and this project allowed to hone my Photoshop skills and learn a lot more about the program. For instance, when designing my digi-pack, I had to crop, cut and saturate the images I used in order to get the look I wanted, and with saturating being something I previously knew nothing of I'm glad I'm now aware of how useful it can be. The same goes for the poster, I was able to use the eyedropper tool to get a certain colour from one image and use it for the text colour.

Finally, when it came to editing, iMovie became my new best friend. I was taught how to use the basic features of it and soon enough I was learning how to add effects and text which could possibly be used on my music video. iMovie allowed me to implement fast cuts, text and a range of other techniques which greatly improved my music video.

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