Wednesday, 31 March 2010

EVALUATION Question 3.

After screening my initial music video to an audience I was giving a number of helpful, constructive, criticism in order to improve the piece.

One point was that the video may be to short and could need something extra to prolong the screen time. This seemed logical to me and so I decided to include a 10 second segment at the start of the video which builds up to the start of the music, I found this helpful as it also gives the audience time to take in each member of the band as the segment is a longshot of the band entering a room and putting on their instruments before crashing into the song in a series of fast cuts.

Another point was that i needed more shots of the video diary footage included in the video as the cuts were not really fast enough and were not keeping up with the pace of the song. I totally agreed with this statement and so I filmed some more footage to include and make my video more interesting to watch.

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