Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spike Jonze - Weezer - Undone "The Sweater Song"

This is a video by acclaimed music director Spike Jonze. It's of Weezers debut single 'Undone "The Sweater Song"'. This video has aspects of things I would like to include in my own music video, for instance, the whole video is a performance piece, just the band playing in a music video studio as you can see the blue backdrop and I was planning for my video to be a performance as most debut videos are as it introduces you to the band. I really like the atmosphere of this video, I think it creates a really independent, unexpected calm much like the 'stoner rock' genre Weezer were associated with. I like how the premise of the video seems really basic, and then a volta is brought in half way through completley adding another layer to the video, here of course I am talking about the influx of dogs running through the set.

Another thing I like is how the song is like a gradual build up, realeasing itself at the end and the video kind of accompinies that, as after the dogs run in the music isn't really played in sync with the bands actions, except for the lyrics and the band just kinda go a little crazy, conveyinga build up if adreniline to the viewer as when I watched it I could feel myself building up with the music. This is something I would love to be able to do in my music video.

I also love how the video is one take with no different shots whatsoever, the camera starts of through corridors twisting around making the viewer feel slightly uneasy, with a strange conversation in the back round, and it finally finds the band, and the only movement it now does is slight pans or zooms in, but no different shots.

I think it's a really cool video and well definitley try and incoperate some of its ideas into mine.