Friday, 4 December 2009

Album Posters Analysis

In order to create a poster to advertise my band I figured I will have to look at other music promo posters to see what worked and looked good. The first poster I looked at was for Jay Z's album 'The Blueprint 3'. The poster is simple yet striking as the poster just contains the basic information of the artists name, album name, and release date, but seeing as its red writng on a black background it makes it very eye catching, and seeing as there is not a lot to take in, it's easy to remember the information. Because of all this, I quite like this poster I think its pretty effective.

The next poster I looked at was Sonya Kitchell. Her poster seems to convey a relaxing and elequent atmosphere reflective of her music, with it being a close up, black and white picture of her face. A bit like Jay-Z's poster all the information is in a simple, accessable text but this one contains a little more information like the record label and singles it contains. I do like this poster but I dont think it's mood would suit my band.
The final I poster (actually was a DVD) looked at was the well recognised 'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis. This cover contains the whole band in a slightly artistic pose/setting, portraying the style the band wish to give off. This probably my favourite out of the three and I would quite like to base my poster around this, quite a peculiar photo with a lot of mise en scene.

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