Friday, 27 November 2009


This is my digipack for my bands upcoming album entitled 'Starslight' also the name of the single being released. The drummer from the band designed this album cover and he took it upon himself to make the cover have the most irrelvant attachments to the bands songs/song names. He came up with what you see now on the left, when asked what the ideas were behind this the drummer of BCW responded:
"So for a while now I've had this thing of like, making rhyming slang literal, you know? Like a forever long art project. And with these last few months what with the band really taking off, recording the album, getting ourselves out there and that, we've constantly been "cream crackered", you know, knackered. So I thought instead of relating the album cover to a lyric or a song I'll do it to a feeling we've all been having. It's just a middle-aged man falling asleep half way through eating some crackers, but the phrase is in there. It's like, subtle but not, and I think it's cool."

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